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Drag is on the new frontier of 21st-century art. Emerging from its  secretive underground origins, the television series RuPaul’s Drag Race has catapulted the drag scene further into the spotlight of pop-culture. This newly popularized niche has created a home for males who found a passion for more feminine arts.

The popularization of this art provided an outlet for men who were embarrassed by their feminine passions and created a community where they feel equal and understood. Like snowflakes, no two queens are alike, and with the drag community being inclusive as it is, it has successfully housed a playground for these drag artists to experiment with their art safely.

This community has made it very possible for young drag performers like Cigara to practice her art in a safe environment. Born from two immigrant parents with traditional values, the absence of the drag community would have had detrimental effects on how Cigara expresses herself and her art. It was because of the community’s newfound popularity that acknowledged these passions at the tender age of 16.

Cigara was introduced to the drag scene by none other than the television pageant competition RuPaul’s Drag Race. The show televising the drag queen process of extravagant makeup, hair and personality inspired Cigara into trying the art form on herself.

Young males openly expressing themselves in drag is something that was rarely ever done until this generation. Although still not common practice, this non-traditional art form is slowly chipping away at society’s notion of masculinity.

The very first time Cigara appeared in drag, was a scene with little subtlety. On Halloween day she arrived at her high school in her classic Cigara blonde bombshell look. A look which takes her a whopping three hours to complete. Her dramatic signature look famously includes a bold cerulean blue eye look with statement red lips. A simple yet classy look that is topped off with a Monroe beauty mark above her lip.

Later on halloween day, out of pure whim and gut, Cigara lip-synced with her best friend in front of her entire science class to one of the best Rihanna songs of all time, Shut Up and Drive. The entire class was shook by her performance, as she ended to the melodies of Rihanna with her very own drag-inspired drop.

Cigara had the sense that her class supported her and some of her classmates encouraged her to express herself in drag more often. Today, Cigara can be caught running polls on her instagram asking for suggestions from her supporters for her next iconic look.

Halloween day was a milestone for Cigara’s drag as it was the first time she has ever exposed her art to an audience that could have not been ready for this type of non-traditional style. The day was nothing but a complete cannon ball into the art of drag.

If we take it back around twenty years ago, when drag was still an underground art, a Cigara-like support system was non-existent. Queens were either left unaware of this community or were forbidden to be seen publicly expressing themselves in drag. However due to drag being an non-traditional art form, it is inevitable for individuals who pursue drag to feel cautious of the art they chose to pursue.

Depending on a drag personalities environment, the confidence that is necessary to pursue drag may not be entirely there. However, If the individuals in the queen’s life are supportive and encouraging of their art, it is on the own individuals merits to manifest their confidence into their drag personality.

The confidence it takes for a young man to challenge society’s cookie cutter notion of masculinity, is a confidence some of us will never amount to. Credit must be given for Cigara’s strong and supportive group of friends in real life and via the internet who provide this young star with the courage to truly express herself.

Cigara’s motto “Do what you love and don’t care about what anyone else thinks.” reminds her to stay true to herself and to keep showing the world everything that she is. Her inspiring words should echo into our lives as we shall all strive to be as bold and unapologetic as Cigara.