Town of Aurora Youth Innovation Fair 2017

On Wednesday November 15, the Town of Aurora Youth Innovation Fair showcased the amazing minds of young Aurorans. Young minds came together at the Aurora Leisure Complex that night to demonstrate their abilities to lead tomorrow with projects that demonstrate awareness to issues in society and provide solutions to them.

Spectators were blown away from the prowess in innovation these young people had.  Work on a variety of issues were presented, from simple yet important ergonomic designs, to environmental engineering were platformed.

Members of Leona Alleslev’s Youth Council made an appearance at the event to make a statement on her behalf. Sam Speziale and Kayley Ting said a few remarks to the audience:

“This is where the thought leadership of tomorrow gets its start. The Youth Innovation Fair is an incredible opportunity for our young innovators to think outside the box in order to create a vision for the future of our community and the future of our country”

“We see that you are working hard to inspire positive change not only for our future, but for right now.”

Julie Stephenson, Youth Programmer for the Town of Aurora, State Farm Insurance, and the Rotary Club of Aurora sponsored the event and ensured a smooth evening.

Some images of the projects from the event with captions are posted below:

Brooke Wappel and her tool, the Cyclone Dog Paw Washer, an ergonomic solution to clean up Dog Paws after they venture outside

Jacob Turner and his Cricket Farm, as well as his designed game to educate on crickets

James Andrade, Sebastian Villante, and Sammy Emamian from the Classy Cyborgs and their infamous tool, the Treasure Box Braille Learning System, a tool used to educate the blind on Braille

Kayla Titchenington and Sara Stewart and their Suction Separator, the schematics for a smart waste evaluator

Matt Melleny and his tool the DishLift, an assistance mechanism for the disabled to load dishes into a washer

St. Alexander Mackenzie High Schools Robotic Team’s creation, Max 4 showing off it’s features

Michael Louisa and his Hydrogen Engine, the schematics for an efficient means to mechanize products.

Mitch Turner and his Homework-Inator 100, a tool used to help kids study using coding.

Monish Panvalkar and his Digital Wall Calendar

Sharon Trac and the blueprints for the Tiny House, an environmentally friendly home setup