York Region Food Network (YRFN) invited Making Connections Storytelling York Region partners (CHATS, CIVICYork (YRCIVC) & YRDSB)  to collaborate with them to help seniors share and digitally document their life stories and experiences, to learn about their friends and neighbours, to have an opportunity to practise English in a relaxed atmosphere and to build stronger connections to the community.

This project will complement and build on the cooking workshops held in 2015 in the senior’s housing complex. It will emphasize the health and ecological benefits of local, whole foods. There is also a community garden at the complex so seniors can tour the garden for inspiration and share their food growing knowledge and experiences.

Why is this collaboration good for York Region?

The capacity of York Region storytelling is once again growing as the Seniors Sharing Stories and Recipes for Life project is benefiting from the skills and learnings developed during the Making Connections Storytelling York Region project.

The goals of the project include:

  • To develop social networks and peer support and build community connectivity
  • To increase food access for seniors
  • To decrease isolation of seniors
  • To provide opportunities for participants to share stories, skills and socialize
  • To educate participants around storytelling and digital literacy building connections in the group and with the broader community.
  • To create a digital story about the project and assist seniors to create their own personal digital short stories.
  • To showcase the stories on a community platform so that others can view, enjoy and perhaps find a common experience to their own

Collaborating Partners

Funded by



Ministry of Citizenship,
Immigration and
International Trade
Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat

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