Canada 150 Awards

On November 13, 2017 MP Leona Alleslev of Aurora, Oak Ridges, and Richmond Hill spearheaded the Canada 150 Citizenship Awards. This was an event dedicated to recognizing “outstanding” citizens in the Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill Region. At the Aurora Cultural Centre that night, 13 groups of exemplary Canadians were awarded for their contributions to society.

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“The recipients of the Canada 150 Citizenship Award have exemplified outstanding dedication to the advancement of not only our community, but also our country” Leona says

She concludes her warm opening by saying “the Canada 150 Citizenship Award winners have committed themselves to this vision by dreaming boldly through projects that will position our nation for continued success for the next 150 years.”

The awards are are presented in three categories: Discovery and Innovation, Reflections of Canadian Values, and Thought Leadership.

According to Melanie Anderson, a member of the Awards Ceremony Team, and a longtime member of Leona’s staff:

“Discovery and Innovation awards are presented to those who have exemplified outstanding commitment to fostering innovation and contributed to the advancement of Canada through science and technology”

“Reflection of Canadian Values awards are presented to those who have exemplified outstanding commitment to upholding the important Canadian values of diversity, inclusion and compassion through their dedication to enrich the lives of many while strengthening ties in our local communities”

“Thought Leadership awards are presented to those who have exemplified outstanding commitment to innovative thinking and contributed their skills to further the intellectual capital of Canada”

Recipients of the awards were presented with a special commemorative pin from Heritage Canada. The pin was made using authentic copper from the roof of Canada’s parliament building from 1918 to 1996. Along with the Pin, a certificate of recognition was presented.

Pictures of the award recipients:

  • Rosemary Park receiving her award for founding CivicYork, helping volunteers get involved in Canadian communities
  • Bob Dengler receiving his award for his around the world flight trip
  • Classy Cyborgs receiving their award for creating the Treasure Box Braille Learning System
  • Hamida Merchant receiving her award for creating programs to assist women fleeing from violence and oppression
  • Howard Doughty receiving his award for his contributions to education systems all across the world
  • James Wai-Hing Hui receiving his award for his assistance to new Chinese immigrants looking to settle in Canada
  • Jan Oudenes receiving his award developmental achievements in pharmaceuticals
  • Jim Chapman receiving his award for his incredible contributions to volunteering societies
  • Kayley Ting receiving her award for creating a system to help children with autism prevent sensory overload
  • Maximilian Railton receiving Olivia Railton’s award on her behalf for her many intellectual developments in international debate
  • Razak Damani receiving his award for assisting refugees in Canada, as well as contributions to the Muslim population of Canada
  • Robin Morrison-Claus receiving her award and on behalf of Stephen Lanning for their creation of makerspaces that assist with student learning
  • Sean Cisterna receiving his award for his huge involvement in local Canadian film industries